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Enhancement to Code Editor: Line Numbers

Hey Power TEAM @ Microsoft,


I wish you can add line numbers on the left side of Power Apps' code editor which can be turned on or off. It's going to be a very handy visual tool. At work, we discuss the codes we write with work mates always. During a discussion, It's going to be easy to refer to a specific line of code by giving the line number.Line NumbersLine Numbers

Status: New
Helper I

In addition to line numbers, please also add in the ability to collapse sections of code like we can do in VS Code.

Frequent Visitor

Imagine error messages having actual line numbers! That would be great. Now it's just: There is an error "somewhere" in your code. Good luck!


Also, remember the last line the cursor was on. Now you have to scroll all the way to the end of the code as soon as you leave the editor for anything.


Opening code in a separate tab for the elements you're working on might be nice too, but that's another Idea I guess. Or just pop out the editor.