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Environment Variable support in Canvas apps



Currently, environmental variables are only supported in Power Automate flows. 
When using environment variables in the canvas app and moving the solution from one to another the new values are not reflected in the canvas app. Need to remove existing SharePoint connections based on the environment variables from the source environment and need to re-create the connections with the new environment variable values. This is a workaround. 

The test results can be found in this blog: Environment variables with SharePoint data source and Support tip. – Power Platform Dude

Thanks for upvoting the idea. 



Frederik Bisback

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

There's a workaround by the way to access them, but it very much feels like a work around. 

Kudo Commander

Dear @RezaDorrani,
I heard from a colleague you have more information about this topic? 
Thanks for the feedback.

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Frederik Bisback