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Environment copy with randomized partial data

Ability to create a sandbox environment copy with randomized or a date range of partial data instead of Full Data or No Data. This will help with online sandbox storage consideration and minimize nonvalue add administrative overhead to create bulk deletion jobs post copy. Also, post bulk deletion jobs can take weeks or months to reduce a large database/CDS. This will also allow sandbox environment data to be more current versus working and validating processes against stale data. Loading/importing sample data is not an ideal solution for such scenarios as email to case, sharing data to access teams, and testing cascading relationships. 


Another challenge with bulk deleting data post copy is due to the temporary overage of online/CDS storage, another instance copy cannot be performed until the CDS storage is back within available capacity. This negatively impacts the ability to process a support instance copy for MS support since an error prompt stats no available capacity to process a support instance copy.


This is a similar request posted in prior Ideas post:

Status: New