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Excel File Rows Limitation

Project Siena allows 15,000 rows - pretty sufficient.
But reply from Harold Kless told me that in PA, this is limited to 5000 rows.
MS creates PA for us to make Enterprise Apps, 5000 rows would be ridiculous as it will finish within a month or so.
Please Increase at least back to 15,000.
Hope everyone supports on this.


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Status: Under Review
Solution Sage

We hear you. We are actively looking to remove this limitation.

Solution Sage

Great. Thanks a lot. I have a client in Singapore having 50 Injection Molding machines making car parts. Image, hourly data (24) x 50 = 1200 / day. 5000 rows = < 5 days. Then, data must be transferred. Another Malaysia and Indonesia customer with 125 machines respectively - and this last for only 1-2 days.
Thanks for consideration. We had already completed the OEE apps and awaiting for the open of Work Mail support and increase the rows and wish to be unlimited.
Since MS is going for BUSINESS, data limitation is something going backward and against your policy.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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I think Excel must retrieve all rows in CDS entities, otherwise, it will be a set back.