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Exit URL after submit to SharePoint list

After I submit a form I'd like to define where the send the user.

Currently the user is returned to the list where the form is submitted and that's not a good.

For example, if I have a link on a HR page to submit a request, the user should be returned to that page after submit.


Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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This should be for both SharePoint custom forms, AND for an app!  Is the best way to add a "URL" parameter to the Exit function?




Exit("https://<tennant>" & TextInput1.Text)
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When someone clicks on the Exit button we should be able to redirect them back to an appropriate page within our company site instead of the Dynamics Apps page.

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We are migrating away from InfoPath forms. With closed apps always looping back to the PowerApps home page, rather than somewhere we can control, it is impossible to create 'self-contained' solutions. Other SharePoint Online based form and workflow solutions does offer this. This has been under review for over a year now.

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I can't upvote this enough.


This may seem like a small detail but it's an important issue. Designating an Exit() url would GREATLY enhance the professionalism of apps and give makers a lot more technical control of the entire form experience - from entry to exit.


I can't imagine this is a hard one to implement.


Automatically dumping end users into a Dynamics 365 Home' page every time leads to confusion and is pretty far from ideal. The vast majority of business users have never seen this page, don't use this page and don't care about this page.


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We need this ASAP. User experience is really bad without it.

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Another year on from my last comment.

STILL under review!!

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Another bump, because this should really be implemented already. 

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PLEASE, some actions this year