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Export Collection to local drive as CSV or Excel

If PA can export collection to a local drive in a CSV or Excel format, it would increase relevance of PA to making tools that use only backend data for reference and Collect result based on user choices. User should then be able to save/export Collection to their local drive. This will let multiple users make local copy of their choices simultaneously. eg - I have an app that builds Bill of Material (BOM) based on user choices. If the BOM could be exported to a local drive, the user can share it further without having to provide app and data permissions. Additionally, multiple users simultaneously can chose any features and get their BOM saved locally.

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

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Still under review??!

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Can we get a revised status update, please?  The last one was 8/21/2018.

I have clients interested in using PowerApps to "assemble" relevant data.  Then they want to use Excel to slice, dice, manipulate and report on it. Having a straightforward method of exporting content to an Excel-compatible file format would go a long way toward encouraging my clients to lean more heavily on PowerApps.

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This guy does a pretty good job of going through it

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@GregLi@CWesener  any updates on this review?
Adding this functionallity would be a huge improvement/ benefit.

@Anonymousit is an workaround but seems pretty insecure on multi-user apps to me.

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Is this really still under review? 

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Still under review at 8/6/21 ?