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Export Collection to local drive as CSV or Excel

If PA can export collection to a local drive in a CSV or Excel format, it would increase relevance of PA to making tools that use only backend data for reference and Collect result based on user choices. User should then be able to save/export Collection to their local drive. This will let multiple users make local copy of their choices simultaneously. eg - I have an app that builds Bill of Material (BOM) based on user choices. If the BOM could be exported to a local drive, the user can share it further without having to provide app and data permissions. Additionally, multiple users simultaneously can chose any features and get their BOM saved locally.

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PowerApps can SaveData and Export as XML format and you may use Import XML by another user using the same PowerApps (so that they can read the same tables), edit, and save again.


When saving, once can change the name or maintain as it is.

So, the list, such as BOM list keep add-up.


I wish this is something you are looking for.


@PK_HongThank you for your response. I am aware of the SaveData feature in PA. It is the user-friendliness of the output that is not going to work for my purpose. I would like the output to be formatted as rows and columns like Excel and with no reference data or any tags.


I do not need the output to be imported back into my app but used outside the system like an Excel file. This file would then go to integrators who would not have any access to my app or know of its existence.


As I mentioned "making tools that use only backend data for reference and Collect result based on user choices". Here the back end data is the list of material available and based on user choices a BOM is built as a Collection. I would like to export/Save the collection as-is as an Excel/CSV file to the local drive.


I am hoping for this to happen fairly easily since PA uses metaphor of Excel in training videos. 🙂





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I also have the requirement to use PowerApps to search and filter a SharePoint list, which I do with a Data Table, and then export the results so that they can be opened in Excel. Preferable would of course to be able to open directly in Excel from PowerApps but a CSV file would at least be a start 🙂



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I am also in need of a CSV export to a local drive. This is due to the device running PowerApps being offline for long periods of time and therefore being unable to upload to SharePoint of similar.


Our teams need to export the data captured daily so that it can be compiled and worked with by other programs/work groups.



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I have teh same issue.  I saw the Export control, which seemed promissing.  however, from a webpage, the control is not working.  I am looking to export to an excel a data table from a powerapps site (web).

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Same issue here, i actually thought this was already possible and was a little disappointed when I found out. 

I would really appreciate if I could export a collection to an existing table in Excel.

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I need too export to CSV

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I can't believe this is not a native function for MS apps. Excel/Word/CSV export would be a regular occurrence I'd imagine - I know it is for me 🙂

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I also need an export from either a collection or the results shown in a datatable.