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Export Dataverse view to Excel using Power Automate

It would be great if there was a user-friendly, intuitive way to export a table view in Dataverse to Excel using a Power Automate action. Data from a Dataverse view can easily be exported to Excel manually, either directly from Dataverse (in the Maker Portal) or from within a model-driven app (if the "Export to Excel" permission is enable for the user's role). However, exporting the same data using a trigger is much more complex, and may be beyond the reach of an entry-level citizen developer.


A Power Automate action, designed specifically to export a view from a selected table (entity) in Dataverse (just select the table and the view), would greatly facilitate matters. Until then, @mahoneypat and @EricRegnier have posted workaround solutions to address this scenario here:

Solved: Export Dataverse view to Excel using Power Automat... - Power Platform Community (microsoft....

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This is a great idea and I am surprised to see very few people have upvoted it.  Microsoft team, please kindly update us with the current status of this request.

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I too would be interested to see this feature.