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Export Form to PDF

For me, exporting a form, or gallery to a PDF would be even more helpful than printing and still allow me to print a final "report" from a form or gallery.

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I completely agree. I'm a teacher. Having a report/log on a device is onething, but I need to share the results with parents, students, or admin while preserving the privacy of other data that those parties should not see.
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Agreed, this is pretty vital to my use case.  We inspect systems and equipment at client's sites.  Collecting the data and maintaining a record of the inspection is half the battle, but we also need to send that info to the client in a nicely formatted and easy to read manner.

Power Automate
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 Just to add fuel to the fire.  In my case I need my staff to be able to make selections in the app and submit their selections to a pre-made form, the form export as PDF and e-mail a copy to the lab and to themselves to include in a lab shipment. 

As smart as PowerApps is you would think the option to print to a form or export ot pdf would have been one of the first things to include.  

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Helper I

yes please we would like to capture data and export to pdf with custom logos depending on which client selected

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Audrie, is there any update on this please? Being able to produce a document from the collected data would be so beneficial, I could move more clients to Powerapps Smiley Happy


Many thanks

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This is also high on my wish list. One advantage of InfoPath forms is you can forward the form with the desired formatting to others down the line. Exporting a PowerApps screen to PDF would be the perfect replacement.

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This is a much needed functionality for HR solutions as well.  For instance, employee performance reviews, being able to print to PDF is very important for employees to have permanent copies of their reviews (we have heard this request multiple times).

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This would be a great idea and solve two issues with one solution. Companies would be able to save to PDF which would give them the option of also printing a copy. Please give this a priority for PAs.




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any news?