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Export Form to PDF

For me, exporting a form, or gallery to a PDF would be even more helpful than printing and still allow me to print a final "report" from a form or gallery.

Status: Under Review

any update?

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It seems that the review process is set for an indefinite duration. Try tagging some of the staff. Maybe that'll catch their attention.


@linhtran@audrieg: Any updates?

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@CWesener@AndyPennell@tahoon@rgruian@CarlosFigueira -- Hello? Updates?

P.S. Why is it harder to tag staff?

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Thanks @Anonymous - adding the team from Studio and documents - @emmac @GregLi


And I'm not sure why it would be harder to tag stuff.... I dont think we would be doing that on purpose - if you're hitting an issue drop myself or @Audrie-MSFT a message.

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@CWesener --

Thanks for the response and also for bringing this up to other devs, too. As for the tagging part -- What I meant was I usually had to type more than half of a Staff's username before they show up at search. There were even times where I didn't have any results until I typed in most of the Staff's username. Just weird.

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Yes would be a step in the right direction.

Most clients would like to be able to generate reports or confirm via a PDF report.

Useful for confirming check list results, Confirming feedback forms, generating reports, confirming expense claim forms, contracts etc etc list goes on. with PDF you are then able to work it in with electronic signing.

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 Hi @CWesener will you ever develop a simple command that will save the entire contents of a Powerapp as a pdf? It would be exptremely helpful if you could. King Regards. Andy.

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Any update?

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We acknowledge that PDF generation and printing support remains one of our top asks, and its particularly important for companies that want to migrate their existing paper processes. Unfortunately, we still don't have the work currently planned while we focus on performance and reliability improvements in the studio and the player.


That being said, there appears to be a way of generating dynamic PDFs with the help of Flow. With the Plumsail connector, you can dynamically generate PDFs using data from your apps. You can find a walkthrough on how to use the Plumsail connector with Flow here:


I created a short proof of concept for how this could work with PowerApps. I'll work on sharing it as part of a blog post and will reply back once its up on the site.

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@mabolanThank you for the detailed response! The transparency and communication is thoroughly appreciated!