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Export/Import PowerApps with associated SharePoint Lists

As one of the most common scenarios of using PowerApps while having SharePoint lists as a data source. 

It would be great if we can Export/Import this developed apps with it's associated SharePoint list(s) templates to be reused with different tenante (customer).


This can be added in the site collection Admin page as Install SharePoint PowerApp where a the exported file can be uploaded.

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

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Hello Guys, 

Any update on this so much needed setting? 

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I agree.  This can be a huge feature.  Are they talking about this topic on the roadmap here?


Is a SharePoint list considered a model driven form to PowerApps?

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This is a really important feature and it did get added to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap last year as:

Feature ID 46224 - PowerApps and Flow packaging for SharePoint

I was able to see it here earlier in the year and it was scheduled for Q3, but it seems to have disappeared, so could we maybe have an update please?

Many thanks in advance, Geraint

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Has there been an update on this request? 

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Any update on this?   Our group of companies has an idea they want to run each company under its own Microsoft environment.  Every app I have built is off SharePoint list that will now be required to be moved to each of the new environments.   Moving the SharePoint list and PowerApps Apps as a single solution would be really nice.

Power Apps

We have supported the ability to package your Power App with SharePoint connections into a solution for a while.  You can parameterize your connections to SharePoint to point to a dev, test, and prod (or whatever) you want as you move your solution along to different environments.   This announcement details the features here.  It had some issues early on but works now.  We are in the process of posting a known trouble shooting guide for it.   Please let us know if this is kind of feature you are looking for this with topic suggestion. 

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@LanceDelano Many thanks for the update. Am I right to think that using 'Solutions' require Dataverse licences?

If so, if our use of 'Solutions' was restricted purely to 'Environment variables' relating to a SharePoint data source (i.e. no use of premium connectors or Dataverse tables etc) would the need for a Dataverse licence be limited to the app 'Owner' or would it be a 'Per user' requirement?

Power Apps

Hi @Gjames, our approach does require that you have Dataverse in order to package your app into a solution.  Solutions live in Dataverse.  For the ALM story, in general, the admins need a DV license in the appropriate environments in order to move solutions along the path.  But, the end users of the app do NOT need premium licenses to access an app that only accesses SharePoint. 


Some additional notes on SP and env variables that we just published.  

Data source references based on environment variables aren't updated during solution import to anoth...