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Export & Import for Component Libraries or share across Environments and Tenants

Hey People,


we've recently started working with the preview Component Libraries, but as a MS Partner, we tend to end up working in client tenants or our own (MSDN/My Visualstudio) tenants and there's currently no ability to share Component Libraries across multiple tenants or even export/import them - which means you end up manually copying stuff around, defeating most of the reason for Component Libraries.


Can we get some functionality to at least allow the Export/Import of Component Libraries, but this should be seen as a first step, as sharing Component Libraries across (Power Platform) Environments and separate O365 Tenants is the more logical end-goal.


This would allow us to not only build apps for clients using our Component Libraries, but we could make our Component Libraries available to clients to save them time and effort.


I guess this is a prelude to a Component App Store?




Status: New