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Export to Data Lake should provide optionset values in model.json

Currently the model.json file exports optionset fiels as int64 values, and there doesnt seem like there is a way to get human readable labels.

Below is an example for Account in model.json

"name": "accountcategorycode",
"dataType": "int64"
}, {
"name": "paymenttermscode",
"dataType": "int64"
}, {
"name": "businesstypecode",
"dataType": "int64"
}, {
"name": "industrycode",
"dataType": "int64"

 It would be awesome, if the model.json also stored the current set of values supported by the optionsets.

Other options would be to do something similar to the CDS endpoints provided for PowerBi, which expose a "Display" column on the entity. Finally, maybe an entity could be provided in CDS, that has all the option sets and int values and labels in it, such that it could be exported to the lake.

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Optionset can be found under folder Microsoft.Athena.TrickleFeedService/


For each entity there is *EntityMetadata.json with the labels






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You have to be kidding me!!! This is how optionsets are being implemented in the Export to Synapse/Data Lake?!!!


Please tell me this is going to be fixed. 


I am not going to use a mix of pulling data from ADL tricklefeed when the rest of my data is in Synapse using SQL queries


Why isn't this working like the dataverse connector or the TDS connector that includes the optionset names in the table the fields come from?