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Exportable Report with Variables, Collections and Control Properties

I would love to see a report in either PDF or preferably CSV/Excel that contains at least the list of Variables and Collections. Preferably their definitions, where they are defined and where they are used. A bonus would be a report that showed controls that shared properties (i.e. if CircleA.Width is equal to CircleB.Width) This could be also PDF/CSV/Excel or it could just be a dashboard (similar to how Power BI and Access display entity relationships visually) PS - if none of that's possible, could you allow users to "pop out" the existing Variables and Collections tabs so they can refer to them while editing their app at the same time? It's frustrating going back and forth
Status: New
Advocate V

If you export a pacakge, then unzip it, navigate to the msapp, change that file to a zip and unpack it, you will find multiple JSON files. The msapp can be found in\Microsoft.PowerApps\apps\{appid}\


The entities.json contains pretty much the entire PowerApp. Any Flows are also contain in the package zip file as JSON (\Microsoft.Flow\flows)  . I ran across a tool that kind of organizes it for you but it's very, very slugish, almost unusable unless your app is very small. 


I've been contemplating pulling in the json and building an app to review "and document" the code. As well as a app to more efficiently manage promotions to another evironment.


Just need to find the time. Anyone interested in collaborating, comment here!