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Exporting solution as managed and unmanaged, in same process - OR - have solution management detect changes prior to auto-incrementing the solution version number

Using the PowerApps maker studio/portal, exporting a solution auto-increments the solution version number. I love it.


However... let's say I export the solution as "managed", then export the same solution as "unmanaged", the solution versions will be different (the unmanaged solution will be version greater than the managed one). That could easily cause confusion, so...


Let's have the ability to export a solution as managed AND unmanaged, in one single process. Increment the version number automatically (awesome), then export the two with the same version.


Alternatively... a more robust solution could detect changes to a solution prior to auto-incrementing the version number. That would truly be the top solution. That way, if you're exporting a solution and no changes have been made, then the version number doesn't increment. What a great way to detect if any changes have been made to a solution since the last export!

Status: New