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Extend delegation to Sum and CountRows

Please extend delegation of Sum and CountRows for the basic datasources:

  • CDS
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint

Many thanks.


Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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I would agree whole-heartedly with the need to extend "delegation" in PowerApps but would suggest that developers really need a fairly robust data layer in PowerApps - a la query capabilities in MS Access.  Within my company, we are evaluating PowerApps for development and this gap leaves us wanting.  The current design is very limiting.


Publicizing a timeline and basic design concept for improvements to make PowerApps more capable would help a lot. 

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Hi @GenoRock, I would beg to disagree.  As it is, the querying language of PowerApps is already quite powerful and works fine, or at least it would/will once the bugs are ironed out and delegation is extended.

For Access-like querying I would suggest the more robust solution is to do the querying on the server side (i.e. SQL or whatever your database is running on) and create a view.  The problem with that is that PowerApps at the moment cannot connect to queries/views as a data source, but I cannot believe that this capability is not on its way, since it is the first or second most requested feature.

Your alternative is also good, and I guess it would be to just allow the data source to be defined in SQL, for example.

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I have to agree wih @GenoRock. This 500 row limitation is frustrating to say the least!!! 500 rows is nothing in this day and age.

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I normally dont comment on forums, but the 500 row limit is just too frustrating to ignore. If Microsoft is using powerapps for educational and learning purposes, then I can understand . But, for even medium scale enterprise level application, Microsoft needs to step up and provide a very clear direction. PowerApps is a great initiative and for its large scale adoption, I strongly recommend taking care of these issues that usually make the difference between adoption and rejection of an emerging technology. 



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Sum() is listed as delegable for SQL, but it doesn't seem to be working across all 542 records of mine.


Image1: Sum(UnitPrice) should yield 207515.5827 according to query in Azure

powerapps sql sum 1.png


Image2: Sum(UnitPrice) in PowerApps has a blue dot and returns 191253.2007 which is the sum of the first 500 records. 

powerapps sql sum 2.png



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Hi @mr-dang

In SQL Server and and Azure SQL Database, it seems that Sum() is only delegated for integer type fields and not for float. money  etc.

Please see here for other limitations:

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@Meneghino--thanks! Your blog is very thorough with work arounds too. That saves me from having to come back here to ask for every limitation I hit 🙂

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Since this idea is about delegation of Sum and CountRows, PLEASE add Salesforce to the list of datasources to support these delegated.


CountRows would ESPECIALLY be useful with Salesforce queries...  

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Is right
500 rows is very little

I already have that problem in the app