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Extend delegation to Sum and CountRows

Please extend delegation of Sum and CountRows for the basic datasources:

  • CDS
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint

Many thanks.


Status: Planned
Advocate IV

Delegation for countrows would be extremely useful. Is this planned for 2019 for CDS and/or SQL Server?

Advocate I

So this feature request is 2.5 years old...


Having the inability to do the equivalent of a "select count" SQL query is super frustrating.  At this point, I'm considering adding a "is_one" column to my tables where every row has an int value of 1, so I can use Sum() to count the rows, assuming I could still use delegation when nesting a Filter insde the Sum.


Any updates form Microsoft on this?

Frequent Visitor

Hello, this issue has now been planned for almost three years. When will we see this actioned, please?

Advocate I

Do we have an ETA on this for SharePoint?  It looks like it's been PLANNED for over 2 years.  What good is it to release a PowerApps Service Desk template app that USES "CountRows" if it still has limitations?

Advocate I



Delegation warnings should go away if you try replacing CountRows with the following (replace "Data_Source" and "Formula" with your own):  



Advocate I

Is there any update on this? It's now over three years in "Planned" status...

New Member

Yes. 500 rows is nothing and though there could be awkward workarounds, this is not worth the bad-press. Get this feature and it would be praise worthy.

Advocate IV

3 years and it's still in the planning stage? 🙄

Helper II

Almost 4 years now!

Memorable Member

Interesting idea @POWERTECH11 . I'll try this out.