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Extract Execution Data for All Projects in Data Integrator

Currently there is no another alternative way where we can see a detailed summary of errors across all projects in one place (other than the Power BI report on the DI website as that doesn't help us much)?

It would be better if there is a way where we can export this data for all projects or have a direct connection of this data so that we can build our own reports that will help us manage the projects and understand what we might need to fix?


Customer Impact:

As customers rely on Data Integrator for all their integrations from Finance and Operations to D365 for Sales and there are unavoidable errors such as service fabric going down, tasks cancelling, servers going down - they need to be able to analyze and manage errors more efficiently with less overhead. 

At the moment they spend all of their working day manually looking at each project to find faults - which is not viable as a long term solution.

Status: New
New Member

This would be a great addition to the tool. Say you have 50 projects - currently you have to manually go through each project and either read the errors manually (in some cases tracking back if you have errors persisting from previous integrations) for each project and try to record everything down - this can go wrong particularly when there are many errors as the UI doesn't show errors after a while OR you can try and build a report from the export project data with execution history JSON - each day having to download each file one by one and then merge into one JSON via an array. This is a lot of overhead. 


If there was a way to get a JSON that had data for all projects or a way to directly connect to the error data of all the projects in the environment - this would reduce overhead drastically and empower us alternative ways of managing issues as the current platform isn't very adequate in terms of that