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Author Name: David Goff

We have several custom views set for Accounts (and other entities). With the recent update, the inital format will show the records only for the filter defined in the custom view. However, when you search using the search field, it ignores the filters. Prior to Update 12 the filters would remain in tact and the search would be against those records only.

We understand that there were complaints towards the amount of time it was taknig for search to return results, however the problem was not fixed, it was just moved to the user.

Our users use the Outlook client (not the Web version) for the very fact that the filter/search options in the Web client are very limited. A user that is only looking at their assigned accounts, does not want to look at everyones once they key in one word.

The complaints you received were weighted heavier than those in favor of this functionaility.

My users are now taking more time and effort to look up records than ever before. Complaint level has risen 50 fold just due to this one change.

There needs to be some type of option or correction, because this single change has made customer saved and personal views pointless. We will have to have literally thousands of custom views to change help gets us back to where we were.

I'm really struggling to understand how this evern makes logical sense to even a programmer. At minimum auto remove the filter, becasue it still shows. Again it does not appear you fixed a problem you just removed the problem. . .fixing would allow the search field to be used with the filters and not be slow.

If there is some type of code we can put in please advise. Also, I have yet to find this in any documentation that this was going in this Update.

Status: New

Thank you for your feedback. We are re-categorizing this feedback to get it in front of the right team.



Narinder Singh

PM, Microsoft

Regular Visitor
How can we elevate this issue to the CRM product lead at Microsoft? This is a foundational problem with the software that is frankly unforgivable after 2 years. We need maximum visibility of this issue - it is NOT resolved. Can a product lead please tell us why this is marked Resolved?
Regular Visitor
Our users hate this behaviour, please fix this ASAP!
Regular Visitor

This still appears to be a shortfall. Please advise how to make the saved filters work asap