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Author Name: Joe Bonomo

For Dynamics 365 (CRM) Update 2.1, the Bulk Edit forms no longer use the form that you were last on. They now only use the first form in the form order. This is a bug and quite a big issue. I have had many colleagues and friends express concern over this because if you use multiple forms, you may not have one form that can be used to bulk edit. Forcing a user to use 1 form to bulk edit now is a BUG and needs to be fixed. 

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It would be ideal to have more control, a method that exposes the bulk edit process allowing you to pass through ids of records to bulk edit, choosing a formid as a way of selecting the 'bulk edit form' or even having a specific type of form for editing if needed like the card and quick view.


Would also be good to implement rules on this, e.g. preventing updates of certain elements when a record meets a certain condition.

This feature would really benefit from an update.