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Fetch Sharepoint Field Description and use it in Powerapps

Good day. 


I have posted a question in one of the forums , wherein i would like to fetch the description of a sharepoint field and use it in powerapps. 


For example, i have set this description in sharepoint, 


Ex:   Field Name: ProvisionStatus

        Additional Column Settings   - Description:  "This is the current status of your site request".


In Powerapps, i cannot seem to find a property like: ThisItem.ProvisionStatus.Description??? It does not work. 

It would save us time to have this description exposed into powerapps, so that we won't harcode field descriptions as labels to describe a field, and at any time i can change the description values, and i don't need to open powerapps and manually change it. 


Hoping that this idea will be put into development and be a part of the updates soon. 

Thank you, 



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I have recently published a long blog that speaks to a lot of functionality that has been lacking for years natively within PowerApps, including surfacing every possible attribute on any field in any List or Document Library on any site.


In the blog I've published, I have shared 7 Power Automate flows that leverage the SharePoint v2 Graph APIs. These flows essentially surface practically anything you could possibly want to in your apps. They are 100% dynamic and thus can be reused in any app. I created 2 demo apps for the blog, one of which I have shared a link to download one of the PowerApp demo apps. 


I have uploaded a short 2:15m video of the demo app I have shared in the blog to YouTube.


The simplied demo app I have shared should give you more than enough insight insofar as how to call one of the flows which will return a collection of Document Libraries and Lists on any SharePoint site. Thereafter all you need to do is call one other flow which return all the metadata information you could possible want for any given List or Document Library, including Required, Type, Unique, Max Length, Indexed, Description, Display Name, Lookup List blah blah. 


The two flows I have shared that will do all of this for you are described in blog per the following links:

PA_Graph_Site_List_Libraries Flow

PA_Graph_Site_List_Library_Columns Flow


Most of the flows I have shared include a Response action which is deemed to be a Premium feature from a licensing perspective, and thus you need a Power Automate per user plan or a Power Automate per flow plan to leverage the flows. However given these flows are incredibly reusable, as I understand it, you should be able opt to choose for the Power Automate per flow plan For $500 per month anyone in your organization can leverage up to 5 Flows per month, with up to 15k API requests per 24 hours., which is ideal for blog I've published.


I have also a far longer 30m video of the other demo app I created, primarily to demonstrate just how much other functionality can be implemented using nothing more than the highly resuable flows I've shared in the blog. So never mind for the $500 it may cost your organization to enable all the functionality requested per this idea, there is substantially more functionality you can implement in any of your apps with no further licensing implications. 

Advocate II

As someone who cannot get funding for Premium licensing, it would be helpful to be able to use a SharePoint column title/description as part of a generic error message in a Power App. So instead of the default error message, "An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again." the error message could read "Please enter a [fieldname/description]."



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That´s honestly a shame, Microsoft! We do this stuff to automate things and then you force us to do this manual hardcoding? Come on, even the regular forms have it.

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Please implement this... I have to spend less time copying and pasting hundreds of text snippets all over the place. Using PowerApps for SharePoint list forms is really the worst, most time consuming experience ever. If only the native SharePoint forms had just a little bit of functionality so we wouldn't have to use these slow, buggy, painstaking to build forms on our slick SharePoint lists.

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Has this been implemented yet?