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Fetch Sharepoint Field Description and use it in Powerapps

Good day. 


I have posted a question in one of the forums , wherein i would like to fetch the description of a sharepoint field and use it in powerapps. 


For example, i have set this description in sharepoint, 


Ex:   Field Name: ProvisionStatus

        Additional Column Settings   - Description:  "This is the current status of your site request".


In Powerapps, i cannot seem to find a property like: ThisItem.ProvisionStatus.Description??? It does not work. 

It would save us time to have this description exposed into powerapps, so that we won't harcode field descriptions as labels to describe a field, and at any time i can change the description values, and i don't need to open powerapps and manually change it. 


Hoping that this idea will be put into development and be a part of the updates soon. 

Thank you, 



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PROPOSAL: As with the already supported Data Source Information fields Required, MaxLength and more, Description should be part of the DataSourceInfo enumeration enabling you to set the HintText of an input field to:

DataSourceInfo(Datasource, DataSourceInfo.Description, "DataFieldColumn")
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10 month it's been asked and not there.

And it is by default in the SharePoint form.

If only I could remove a couple input from this sharepoint form my life will be perfect

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This is a good idea, PowerApps list function is a great starting point for new developers. To not have important features like this can discurrage them to continue delving into the world of PowerApps

I would like to have a toggle button for this feature, alternative a list style.

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Hi, I am trying to use this as a tool tip for a Sharepoint single line of text column in the "Hinttext" field. I am not seeing the option  for "Datasource.description". Description does not populate after Datasource.


My column in sharepoint has a description value


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Because what couven92 replied was just a proposal. This feature does not exist yet

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This would be so useful. I wish this was a thing

I've got to add labels manually now because I can't even add them to the data card so I have to make custom ones for all 50 of my form inputs. 

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agree, I think the description text shoud be added to the PowerApp form on all modes (New, View, Edit). The tooltip text help a little bit but not visible enought. Adding label is ok for small number of text inputs, but won't stick with the field if need to scroll the form to see other fields. 

I suggest to add a desription property to the DataCard.

Advocate II

Please consider adding functionality to show SharePoint list column description inside PowerApp with SharePoint connector.


Case study: 

Users are looking for a way to add a thubmnail image (url) to SharePoint list item via PowerApps. There is a custom workflow which should be triggered from another list.

Currently, looking for a way to communicate this "how-to" to users most eficient, which of course would be if field description would be displayed inside the PowerApp.

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This would be so useful. It should be there.

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Please implement