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Field mapping to msdyn_timeentry

Dataflow when mapping time entry data to the msdyn_timeentry entity returns the following error: Reason: Bad Request, Error code: 0x80040265, Message: A manager is required for non-project time entries, absence, and vacation. Please contact your application administrator.

This is avoided using the GUI when each bookable resource (user) has a manager set. However, Dataflow api does not respect this same logic and returns the above error thereby preventing the import of time entry records to this entity. While Dataflow does not support mapping to lookup fields this is a problem for those us trying to bring in time records from 3rd party apps into the CDS.


In the meantime going to create a custom entity in the CDS and use that and try to use Flow to copy from the custom entity into msdyn_timeentry. If I am missing something please let me know.

Status: New