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Filter available Activity types in model driven apps, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.



In the Unified Interface model driven apps for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement we have a new way of using the 'Activity pointer'. As this is a polymorphic entity it will be connected to many parts of the system. But as with most other things in Dynamics, we as Microsoft partners want to control the visibility of the activity types in the customer apps.


Here is an example of how it looks today in a completely untouched sandbox environment:

Activity types.png

In general, customers are only aware that they are actively using Appointments, Phone Calls, Tasks and Emails. Things like Opportunity or Order Close are automatically used by Opportunities or Orders, but we don't want our customers to have to worry about this complexity. That is one of the reasons why they hire us.


Since 'Activity' is pointing to all these activity types, it is not possible to filter via security roles, so a perfect way to solve this would be to make it possible to either:

1. Edit the Activity type list in the App designer:


2. Manage this as part of the Advanced settings of the Activity pointer entity in the Site Map:



Status: New
Advocate I

@Anonymous I have been looking for this for years and was coming here to request it as well. I would prefer your  solution via the App Configuration.