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Find and Replace Code in PowerApps

A feature to find and replace code in PowerApps would be very useful. This is a feature that I have seen in every IDE that I have worked with. This way, when code corrupts, "_1" at the end of form values, a simple find and replace would solve the problem. No more painstakingly clicking on every data field, navigating to the correct Propery, and replacing what needs to be replaced manually.

Status: Started

We're working on this - we agree that this is much needed functionality! 

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This would be a very useful tool when a column in a datasource is renamed. Needing to navigate through all of the places in your app where that data field is referenced can be difficult and time consuming. 

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This issue is even more important than highlighting matching brackets in the enhanced toolbar. I kid. But seriously, please come up with a way to do this.


On a higher level, if PowerApps is to be a full scale solution it is necessarily going require a lot of code. PA developers have to be able to manage large amounts of code efficiently. Find/replace is one of many issues that need to be addressed to this end. 

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oh gosh please do this

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Such basic functionality should've existed in the beginning.  Can't believe it's still missing.

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Do it, NOW!!!




Without this and a code viewer a lot of simple task are painstaking and timeconsuming.


Thank you, very much.

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This would have saved me DAYS.  This is a much needed feature.

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Status changed to: Started

We're working on this - we agree that this is much needed functionality! 

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Thank you! This news is awesome!

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image.pngThank you @Tasha_S !

Probably one of the best things to come along in a long time! 😁

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can you please add a function to search around the whole app and not only within the selected item (& its attribute)?


I have to change a column-reference which is used as ID within the complete app in different items and its different attributes.


my task:

change from sharepoint list "Title" to column "users-personal-id"