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Finish Implementing ActivityParty in Dynamics 365/Common Data Service Connectors for PowerApps

Currently while the excellent Dynamics CRM documentation has been forklifted into PowerApps for the CDS, the Connectors are incomplete implementations of the API and as a result there is breaking functionality for key areas- most importantly, you cannot access Activity Parties in a Canvas App. This has huge implications because Activity Data is not 1:N, it is N:N (many users can have many appointments, some of which are shared). Activity Party is the intersection entity that contains the pointers, if it was exposed in the connectors then we could at least manually stitch together requirements such as "Show me all appointments where I am a required attendee" or "show me all phone calls that went to XYZ Corp."


Currently you cannot do this easily and it creates huge issues. For instance, I want to create a basic schedule viewing app for my team's Dynamics 365 appointments. Can't do it without registering an Azure Client App complete with full OAuth and a partial implementation of the Web API to Read the Activity Party table. How is this "Low Code"???

Status: New