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Firing of OnChange Events


In some cases the firing of the OnChange events seem a bit off. The event is not triggered until you tab out or select another field on the form. While this works well for text fields since you may not want to trigger the event until you are done typing it does not seem to be optimal for some of the other fields. In particular onChange scripts attached to two options checkbox fields really seem off. People are just used to seeing actions take place when they select a checkbox, not when they move to the next field. If you have an form script that is linked to multiple checkbox fields it really gets weird for users as it seems like the script is onClick behind them.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Thanks for your feedback. This is an interesting suggestion. We wanted to keep the behavior consistent across all field types and hence we decided this way. We are considering this functionality for a future release of CRM. Thanks Anusha Shankar Dynamnics CRM Program Manager This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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It's been under the review for two years.


Has any development been made?

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This also seems to be a problem in terms of user experience for my apps. Hope to hear about any progress or a workaround for this issue.


Awesome people!


I found this Awesome video from this brilliant person who was able to find a workaround if your interested 🙂


I will update if there's an official solution that I can come across but this did the trick for me 🙂



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Seems to do the trick for me, thanks for the reply!