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Fix 500 Record Limitation


  • At most 500 records can be returned at a time, whether filtered or not.
  • OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Sheets can only read from the first 500 records.
  • CDS can read from all records, but can only return 500 records on a Filter.
  • It is not possible to Collect all records of an unfiltered datasource.


Suggestion 1:

Could you create a function to only pre-load and reload entity data to a temporary collection? It would do the same as this, but it could pull in everything without the 500 record limit:


It would only import all records or none; so if you wanted to filter, you would have to do it after the temporary collection has been created. Furthermore, to reduce drag on the network, you could restrict this specific function to queue up or a quota like 100 runs per second.



Rationale: If we can collect the entire contents of a datasource to a temporary collection, we can operate on the temporary collection instead. This would allow for all aggregate functions and other non-delegable functions to work on the temporary collection. Then from time to time, we can reload the datasource to have the most updated data in the temporary collection.



Suggestion 2:

Could you create a function that would pull in 500 records at a time until all are pulled in? It would work like my solution, but it would be automated with fewer lines of code.





I am suggesting these functions as temporary solutions to not having all functions delegable.


Please consider this idea.

Status: Completed
Community Champion

Google App Maker has no such limitations

Community Champion

Aw dang. If Google's entering the low-code market, then Microsoft needs to move fast. It looks like Google App Maker is in a limited preview right now. 

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This is indeed a devastating limitation. We essentially can't apply filters to any field that's a relation of an entity as it only shows data in the first 500 rows. This means that with an additional filter I may only get one or two results instead of the complete dataset. This is essential to work with any applications. Relations are a key requirement for any database and delegation must be supported. Hopefully this is address soon. Thanks

Advocate I

This limitation effectively cripples PowerApps to the point that it is proof-of-concept only. Is this planned? Being considered? An answer from staff would be excellent, and the response (or lack thereof) would significantly influence my company's decision to adopt this platform or to look elsewhere for an actually viable low-code solution.

Community Champion

Just to be devil's advocate a little, we have to be fair and admit that this limitation is slowly being lifted.  In particular the latest release (680) for the first time allows some aggregate functions to be delegated in SQL Server.  I am sure more is to come in the next releases.

I think SQL Server or Azure SQL DB is the best back end for PowerApps currently.

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Definitely need to lift this limitation or this limitation needs to be in large and bold print before we start developing anything. Not great to give this thing a go and actually get traction only to hit a roadblock like this.


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PowerApps and OneDrive For Business - Limit 500 records

Is at this time a possibility to load records from a excel-table up from recno 500 ?
Filter, special function, call, technic?

Or is it a fixed limit for Excel/OneDrive?

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Advocate II
This limit has basically killed Powerapps for two of my clients who were dead set on runnng everything inside the Microsoft ecosystem and they have already agreed to look elsewhere. I myself am on the point of throwing the whole thing in the bin and warning everybody I know to stay away. It's been over a year since the absurdity of this limit was raised and acknowledged, yet there is still no update or fix in place.
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