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Fix Manual Formatting of Individual Data cards with a Format Painter

Since the PowerApps Canvas app won't allow the user to Set Default Formatting for a form or for the whole app, can you please either

- Enable a format painter in Canvas  or 

- Allow PASTE SPECIAL and let the user set the format of one datacard or even an item and paste that format (*Steal it from Word or Excel for goodness sakes), or

- Allow Copy data card settings to other data cards.


It's incredibly unfortunate that this basic editor functionality is not available in such a powerful tool. I mean, it's not the Model-Driven tool which seems to default everything to a really clean font. But this seems like a fundamental capability that shouldn't need to be asked for by the Community.


Meanwhile there is a Hack to name a datacard, set all the desired formatting for it, then copy that datacard name into the format fields of other data cards. For example, if your Account Name datacard has all the desired formatting, name that data card "AccountName_Formatted". Then on other data cards, in the fields, go to the Advanced tab (unlock the card) and paste AccountName_Formatted.Width in the Width setting.  Repeat for other settings. (NOTE you still have to do this on every datacard and each field manually, but once you've done that, any time you change the Account Name formatting, it changes the others.)

Status: New