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Fix Notify setting of PowerApps for Admins (Preview) MS Flow Connector when editing role assignment

Following my post -


The current functionality of the PowerApps for Admins connector in MS Flow does not respect the "Notify" parameter when using the Edit App Role Assignment as Admin action. Regardless of the value I supply for the "Notify" parameter it still sends an email to the member I have assigned a role to. This was verified in my post above.


The documentation refers to:

Name: Share Target Option

Key: NotifyShareTargetOption

Type: String

Description: Notifies the new user if provided the string value 'Notify'.


If the connector respects this setting correctly this would allow the same functionality we have in the PowerApps UI then where we can uncheck the option to send a notification.

In my case, we provide a customized notification when we have shared the app with the user which provides some business-related instructions.

Status: New
Advocate II

Any idea if this has been implemented or will be implemented? Why would something like this not already been included in the action? Really makes the product feel incomplete