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Fix User().Email so that it returns the Email address and not the UPN

The User().Email function is actually returning the UPN and not the user's email address. Most people don't notice this issue because their UPN and Email Address are the same. In our tenant our UPN and Email Address are very different. Since the User().Email returns user's UPN not their email address we are unable to use this function in PowerApps. It would be nice to get this issue fixed. The work around is to use the Office365Users connector to get the current users profile and get the email address from there.

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This has few votes because not amny companies have this issue, but this is very important. 


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We certainly need it. This is a thorn in our side.

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I have the same problem with UPN and Email what solution to get the email



email :


and the function User().Email return





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I can't agree more, this is super frustrating. I have to make such wierd workarounds to solve such a "simple" issue. 

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Hi everyone.


Unfortunately I don't think this is something that Microsoft will be able to change as this might break many PowerApps out there. They might have to create a V2 User or Email function.


In the meantime, please see below video if you need more details on this, or the work around.


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