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Fix bug - Sending email messages with the Office365Outlook connector that includes SharePoint file attachments no longer works

Until recently, it was possible to send emails that include file attachments from SharePoint using the Office365Outlook connector. Following a recent update (in May 2021), this is no longer possible.

Taking the example of a SharePoint list item with one or more file attachments, if we add a card to form and add a button with the following formula, the result today is that the email will send, but will not include the file attachment(s).

      "Message subject",
      "Message body",
      {Attachtments: RenameColumns(

Note that the Mail connector still works and still sends the attachments successfully. Therefore, it appears that this is a problem that affects the Office365Outlook connector.
                 "Enter the email title here",
                 "Enter your email message here",
Since SharePoint is a highly popular data source for storing files, and the ability to send file attachments plays a key role in many business apps, I hope that this is something that Microsoft will fix.
Given that this is something that worked before but no longer works now, I hope that this will strengthen the argument for a fix. Thank you.
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Helper II

Fully agree to get this fixed. thanks @timl for raising this.