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Flow can not easily provide feedback to PowerApps after being called from PowerApps

Hi everyone


We prefer to keep certain business logic and workflow actions in Flow and not in PowerApps. An example of this would be calling a Flow from PowerApps to evaluate conditions from various systems, and return a result or error to PowerApps for the application or the user to react on.


At the moment we have to set up a custom connector to Flow (HTTP request\response) to trigger the flow and return the result to PowerApps. This works extremely well, but it takes some effort to configure. The default PowerApps action to call a Flow does not have the ability to provide feedback to PowerApps from the Flow runtime. This would be a great addition for more advanced flows.


Thank you everyone, have a great day.



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The inability for a Powerapp user to know if a stored procedure has been sucessful is a serious limitation. I hope this gets fixed as a priority.

This feature is now available in flow. Check my video for more info -


or checkout this blog post -

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Yes, thank you Vivek, this is working like a charm now  Smiley Happy

Community Champion

@Audrie-MSFT @emmac, can we mark this as complete 🙂

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Do you get a Flow hat if one of your ideas got implemented? Smiley Happy


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@DavesTechTips, you get the satisfaction of knowing you informed a flow action that essentially makes anything an API and opens the door for citizen developers who are afraid of custom connectors to finally start 


Bravo! 🙂

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