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Fluent UI Icons in Canvas App

Currently Canvas Apps has Icons as part the design studio but those are not inline with Fluent UI design. It would be great to include Fluent UI Icons as part of Canvas Apps.

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@MatthieuMegaly already had a similar Idea (adding UI Fabric icons support to PA)


It talks about bring our own icon. But this idea talks about making the already available icons compatible with Fluent UI icons. As Microsoft has introduces Fluent UI for Web and Mobile development it would be nice to have Fluent UI icons OOB and no need for them to be added by the users.

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@PowerMaverick I love the idea. 
how do you do it today?

import the icons as png? Or do you have same as svg?

I would love to have them all as png and svg but I didn’t find any “collection”. 

I have used png but I agree on having both.

Have you tried @R3dKap solution -

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yes, I already installed this component.