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Focus on a Control

Add the ability to control if a control is "Focus"ed on. For example, in my screen OnVisible property I might set TextBox1's Focus property to true so that when my screen becomes visible the cursor appears in the first text box on my screen.



Status: Completed
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I can only reiterate what others have already said. The abililty to set focus where you want it will enable the developer to enhance the user experience.  I am  creating an app reading barcodes and the lack of focus control makes input much less fluid than our users would like. A lot of good stuff in Powerapps but I am quite surprised that this functionality is missing.

This needs to run on a PC, not a mobile device, so the upcoming barcode reading functionality using camera is not helpful.

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I'm using the ScanBarcode() which works well, but in tandem with a bluetooth 2d scanner data wedged to a textbox. The setting focus on screen load is a big deal for us as users will not know or want to click on the textbox each time the screen loads. Hope to see this functionality soon, I am surprised it doesn't already exist.

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I also need the Set Focus functionality for a barcoding app running on a PC.

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We are using an simple app to collect asset audit info (i.e. Type and serial number) and we need to barcode scan the serial number. We are scanning using a Zebra TC56 mobile computer and desperately need the "Focus" function so that, as we push a button in the Powerapp, the cursor drops back into the correct field to scan again straight away without tapping the screen!


Please please you could open up a massive customer base purely on incorcorparating this function, to allow warehousing/technology auditing companies (ITAD's) to scan easily. Less clicks = less man hours

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Agreed. I need this functionality too

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Desperately needed to allow keyboard wedge scanners to effectively operate without forcing the user to press into a field. 

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Is there any update on if this function will be implemented soon? It has been over 2 years that this has been requested by multiple users on multiple forums and PowerApps Ideas and no response has been provided. This option would greatly help our end users in scanning multiple items without the need to tap on both the field, then enter, then back on the field to scan items. This feature would be greatly appreciated if implemented.

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What's the status?

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Urgently needed for Barcode Scanning App with Proper Scanners NOT the Phone/Tablet camera.

Power Apps

We are planning to implement a Focus function that allows you to set focus on any control.  ETA is fall 2019.