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Focus on a Control

Add the ability to control if a control is "Focus"ed on. For example, in my screen OnVisible property I might set TextBox1's Focus property to true so that when my screen becomes visible the cursor appears in the first text box on my screen.



Status: Completed
Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

We are planning to implement a Focus function that allows you to set focus on any control.  ETA is fall 2019.

Advocate V
Advocate V

Good News! @FilipK Please keep the us updated on the Status and also if it would be possible to do a beta trial.

Frequent Visitor

Great news guys! yes please update us as to when this vital development is ready to trial.

Not applicable

Is there any update on this feature, as we got a requirement to display the scaned field value on text box.


Thanks in advance.

Power Apps

No news here, ETA is still October of 2019.

Resident Rockstar

Great, this is planned. Can't be there fast enough.



Regular Visitor

Good news that this planned hopefully released before Fall Smiley Very Happy

Advocate V
Advocate V

Still not started. Why?

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Status changed to: Completed