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Font Families in PowerApp.

There is a very limited set of font families in PowerApps it would be great to have more options or to be able to install new fonts.

Status: Under Review

This is under consideration, but is currently not planned at this time. Others should continue to vote, as well as to comment on business requirements to drive this priority.


Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve services and features in this area,


Level: Powered On

It's a quick win for the customer to have the same font of his graphic chart.

Level: Powered On

Please allow the Powerapp platform to include or upload different font styles

Level: Powered On

I guess this is not a complicated thing to implement, and it would help us a lot - in my case, using icons from some symbol fonts on buttons in PowerApps.

Level: Powered On

It would be helpful to import fonts so we can brand Power Apps according our brand style guide.

Level: Powered On

It would be great to import new Font Families to PowerApps. Otherwise would be great to have Segoe and Poppins