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Form processing - Add an order field to rows in a table

When I add scanned rows from a table to a collection (in a canvas app), there is no way for me to know the order of the rows. When saving the rows to for instance an entity in CDS and later use that entity to show the rows again, the rows can be shown in a different order.


An order field (property) to each row as part of the scanning process of the "Form processor" control would fix this.

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Hi @Rick72,


How are you adding the scanned rows from the table to a collection? I just tried it like this, and tables lines are added in order. 


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Hi @JoeF-MSFT ,


When you use a ForAll Power Apps to save the records in a datastore, the order is not maintained. See the url to the info page and the specific section.


Having an index added would therefor very much help! 🙂


When writing your formula, keep in mind that records can be processed in any order and, when possible, in parallel. The first record of the table may be processed after the last record.

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Thanks @Rick72 for the clarification!