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Format Painter

A format painter to copy certain attributes of an item to another item. This would save time.

Status: Under Review

Thanks @Anonymous - I'll look into this and loop back.

Advocate I

A BIG time saver. Please implement this feature...

New Member

this would be a complete game changer!!! I use this feature on a daily basis. It would cut down on time and promote efficiency so that the tedious parts of this doesn't shun folks away from using it.

Advocate V
Advocate V

@CWesener This has been UNDER REVIEW for a long time. Pls do something b4 COVID-19 knocks it off!!!

Frequent Visitor

I agree - apply all formatting properties shared by the source control and the control being applied to. 


Also include ability to apply formatting properties to multiple controls and types of controls simultaneously.

Advocate II

People, we desperately need this! 

The design part is now taking a huge chunk of the total development time, especially if small changes are needed after seeing the end result.