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Format from settings before creating a from.

I love forms, but I hate how long it takes to make one look nice.

You did a great job of the new form layout designer and while its still a little bit of a pain getting the boxes where you want them on a form grid larger than 1-X its a lot better.


We could really do with a popup pre creating a form to specify the font sizes, boarder thicknesses, colours and basically what that form is going to look like.

I can spend 2 hours of a 8 hour build ject getting the forms looking pretty.


Please help!!!

Status: New
Resolver I

It would asbe nice to be able to drag the boxes on the canvas too!

Frequent Visitor

It would also be nice if you could customize the App Themes to control the color, font, and more. (Similar to what you can do in the Office Suite)