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Formatting DataTable columns

Add the possibility to change the alignment of DataTable column contents, also further formatting options would be helpful.

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I would also like the ability to wrap text for multiline columns. I want to be able to see all of my data without hovering over each cell to read the entire item.


9-11-2018 11-31-33 AM.png

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Inability to right-align numbers and dates make this control virtually unusable for so many purposes.  Clients just don't take well to seeing them left-aligned.

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This is the most of basic formatting functionality. When will it be available. Unbelievable that it is not possible.

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Agreed - lacking basic alignment on headers and columns is really dumb. So easy to implement from MS! 

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Also agree that there should be alignment options for column headers and contents. Trying to implement a PowerApp, this absence makes numbers or currency columns in particular look messy as is. 

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Agree with @OCV8 that the inability to right-align numeric fields is a huge hole with this component. I don't know why this does not have 100s or 1000s of up-votes.

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Would also be nice to have a conditional formatting possibility
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Had to vote for this as well. It seems like such a no-brainer. Until the ability to format columns in a data table control is added it's useless for most of the use cases I have for it. I can't include anything with a description or notes because text doesn't wrap and columns can't be formatted individually. Even putting a formula into a column's "Text" control that displays currency doesn't allow me to format it; despite the formula appearing to be fine.

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This solution may be too late for you guys....


I wanted to right align my number columns and I searched online only to find out that there isn't a solution out there.  However, I came up with a way to right align a data table column. It it is not elegant but it worked. You can use the text property to format your values. Here is the formula that I used:

Right(Substitute("xxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "x", Char(127)) & Text(ThisItem.YourColumnName, "#,###,0.00"), 14)


In this case, I wanted a numeric column to be right aligned within 14 characters. So I packed a non printable character in front of the numbers up to a length of 14. A space didn't work because only one is displayed.  I checked the ASCII table for another character that would be repeated but not shown and came up with ASCII code 127 (DEL).