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Formatting date help

An option to select you location, or native date format would be suchg a huge help to productivity.

Being required to used Text(Date,Format) is time consuming, innefficient and just plain doesn't work.


Today being 16/07/2018 and using the formula Text(Today(),"dd/mm/yyyy") I am getting a value of 06/04/2019 in the date picker field on my form.


If I put the formula in a label it shows the correct date, if I tell the datacard to display the date from the label it shows the wrong date. If I put the label inside the datacard of the form and change the update property of the datacard to the label.text, I get the wrong value in my table, out by nearly a year.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Are there any plans for Powerapps to give us an option for native date format?

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for me it worked with the 'Language' option from the date picker. I just changed it to "de-de" for the german format.







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Just can't find a solution. I need the date pickers to show internationally recognised format.