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Formula Bar Autosize



I'm currently trying the enhanced formula bar and so far the new functionality is an improvement.


One idea I'd like to see implemented is that the formula bar automatically resizes when clicked into and then collapse to normal size when clicked out of. e.g. if the formula is 10 lines long it would expand t show all 10 lines when clicked on but then reduce bar to one line when clicked out of.


This would remove the need to manually expand or use the down arrow or even scroll on formulas that aren't too long. 



Status: New
Advocate V

I totally back this!
I find it extremely frustrating to have to click the resize toggle or resize the formula bar when viewing or selecting elements in the upper part of the screen. But what I find even more frustrating is that it covers the right-hand menu! I usually use that menu to select parameters instead of the dropdown to the left of the formula-bar.


Also, there is a hotkey for reordering elements in the app, why is there no hotkey to toggle the bar?

This has been a major frustration since I started working with PowerApps!

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After a few hours, I had to turn this feature off after really trying to use it and wanting to make it work. I simply can't tolerate having to always click twice to fully minimize the bar to see the top part of my app (often where there are a lot of controls, etc.).


I have three large monitors, why can't we simply drag the formula bar out into its own window so I can actually work comfortably? All day long I have to click this thing up and down to see what's behind it as I work so an extra couple of clicks each time is a cost I can't afford (even with the enhanced functionality).


Given that there must be some reason why we can't simply have an editor with its own window, the solutions offered by @barrymac20  and @hjaf  would at least be an improvement. Simply giving (paying) customers the option to work the way they would prefer would be the best solution though.