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Formula Bar Overlay Suggestion

I've been working with Power Apps some time now and I want to share this idea as i experience inefficiencies when using the Formula bar.

Current experience is best to be visualized:

Formulabar current.gif
















When the expand button is pushed, the formula bar is being expanded as an overlay on top of the sidebars. In many cases controls and texts are being hidden which are needed as reference or which are to be controlled.

Workflow are then:

- collapse formula bar, read text, expand formula bar.

- collapse formula bar, hit control, expand formula bar.


In cases when the extended expand formula bar is enabled, it is almost impossible to reference back to the sidebars or canvas.


So my suggestion is to resize width of the formula bar based on the sidebars and of course limited to a minimal width. 

Below visualization support this idea. 

Formulabar suggestion.gif


Status: New