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Formula bar should be relocated to Right-hand pane

Same goes to Property drop-down list. 


Both Formula bar and Property drop-down list should be relocated to Right-hand pane. During Canvas App development, in any formula longer than 1 single line, when you format formula, and increase the height of the formula bar, it will cover controls you want to see during development.


In the other hand, selecting from a drop down list for Property has been always hard, please move to Right-hand pane and replace List by a Gallery with a little search bar!

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @mabolan and @GregLi

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @mabolan and @GregLi

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Thanks @CWesener - you guys make us really feel that we are part of the team developing PowerApps with the sky is the limit.

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I agree and would like to see the formula editor moved to its own window so that multiple lines do not overlap the canvas.  It could be floating or dockable in the UI so that it's not overlapping other work areas.




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What is the status off this request? It's gets really irritating when you have to write a lot off formula's. It could be something like the attached picture. So only the location off the bar then changes.




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I second @RonLar - would be most helpful to pop forumla bar out into its own window to gain functionality similar to a traditional IDE.  It is a huge pain to select a new item, then expand the formula bar, then retract it.  Without function/macro support, these formulas can get really long and deserve their own dedicated space.

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It is especially difficult to switch between a view of the formula, to select a different control, reopen the formula bar.