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Friendly names for connections

As you probably know connectors and apps are tighened together by connections. And when you change the connector and want to use the new added services, you need to update the connection. That means you also have to remove the connection from the app and re-add it again to get the new functionalities. 


Problem arises when you have one connection for one REST data source shared between apps. Change in connection then affects all the apps that are using the connector, even apps you do not want to use the new functionalities in. 


So essentially you have to go to every app, and re-create connections in every step PLUS the same in Flow.


Solution is to have connection for every app. Now the challenge arises - It is possible to see connected apps from the connection. Well so far so good. But when creating a new app and adding connection you cannot see which connection is for which app.


It would be handy to have some friendly names for connections and not the one generated from name only.



Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @LanceDelano

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This is currently a huge issue for us with Flow. Inside each action, there's not even a username attached, let alone the only other identifier we can see in the Connections list; last modified.

And if you are looking at the "Embedded connections" section (flow Details -> Edit Connections), you still will not see the last modified field listed with the names and usernames of each connection, even though, because you can have multiple connections to the exact same connector, there is no other identifying field besides that one! 

As it stands, I have absolutely no way to know which connection is which when looking at the flow info and my connections list.

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Microsoft please implement this suggestion immediately. The existing design is just stupid. Your sales team promote PowerApp as low code solution and end-users can build their own app. However with such confusion naming there is no way to introduce to our users. 


We need a UI, or at least some config file at back-end, list the relationship between:

On-premise gateway cluster

On-premise gateway
Hostname of server (or IP address)

Connections (able to configure friendly name)

Connection owners

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Such a horrible oversight to not implement a changeable name, and then just plain lazy and insuting to not fix it. So infuriating.

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If you're not going to add this feature soon, could you at least add a "connected flows" column?  That would seem easy to do, and help us sort them out without having to drill-down.

Power Apps

We have added the ability to rename Action-based data sources.  Rename your Power Apps action-based data sources | Microsoft Power Apps

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How has this feature still not been implemented MSFT?  It's impossible to differentiate multiple connections to the same connector.  This cannot be hard to do.

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Hello, I have seen you have solved the renaming issue for power apps in the app itself. But for Power Automation we still have not the ability to rename our connections to differentiate them from each other. I like to rename the  Power Automate Desktop connection to choice from a different PC. That seems not to be possible (they are all named 'Desktop Flows'). Please help out. 

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I find it somewhat mind boggling how such an essential and basic feature has been under review since 2018.

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How can this still be under review???


Would an IRL example help explain the issue?


Employee: "Hi, I just got married and need to update my surname."

Microsoft-shackled IT Pro: "I'm sorry, but that feature is currently under review. Feel free up up-vote that idea or submit a new request."



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This kind of problem makes developing and maintenance of power automate flows a nightmare. Please implement this ASAP!