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Friendly names for connections

As you probably know connectors and apps are tighened together by connections. And when you change the connector and want to use the new added services, you need to update the connection. That means you also have to remove the connection from the app and re-add it again to get the new functionalities. 


Problem arises when you have one connection for one REST data source shared between apps. Change in connection then affects all the apps that are using the connector, even apps you do not want to use the new functionalities in. 


So essentially you have to go to every app, and re-create connections in every step PLUS the same in Flow.


Solution is to have connection for every app. Now the challenge arises - It is possible to see connected apps from the connection. Well so far so good. But when creating a new app and adding connection you cannot see which connection is for which app.


It would be handy to have some friendly names for connections and not the one generated from name only.



Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @LanceDelano

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @LanceDelano

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great idea.  we'll push it on the backlog 

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It's already possible to do this if you create the connection, then go to the connections page in the PowerApps studio, and edit the connection.  But you end up having to re-enter the username and password for the connection.  In my case, I'm creating apps that manage database data, and creating SQL logins with extremely limited access, only to the necessary actions the app will require.  This means each app has its own connection to the same back end database.  Each time I create an app or connection, I have to essentially "create" it twice because the name field isn't offered in the connection creation page initially.  Just surfacing that field, which already exists elsewhere, would be a great boon.

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Any update on this.  If you have Sharepoint connections multiple farms it makes it almost impossible to know which connection to use in a flow - other than trial and error.  How do you suggest managing connections when they all look the same?

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No update, still pain in the a.. and connections becoming messy overtime in overview 😞

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Just started playing with the platform and it took me 10 minutes to run into this limitation. It seems so basic to be able to do this to properly identify connections, please fix!


Astonished this is not yet in place. Agree --- makes using platform difficult to govern if you have more than one SQL Azure connection (or similar 'types' of connectors with little ability to distinguish in name/GUI).  Very discouraged.

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Display Name is now available for some connectors: File System, FTP, SFTP -SSH, SQL Server...


Kindly update this field in all connectors, especially the HTTP with Azure AD connector. This connector needs to use correct Base Resource URL if not it will fail. 
 @LanceDelano kindly make the Base Resource visible instead of the email address.






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Just to chime in here: first day using Power Automate and this was immediately a problem. Would seem as such a basic function to provide (and a competitor already does it). Even with just 2 or 3 connections I am already confused as to which one goes to which service (in my case 4 different Gotomeeting accounts). Otherwise very impressive service. First day and already several Flows created! 😀

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How has this been in the backlog for over 2 years and it hasn't been implemented?! I use the Salesforce premium connector and do various testing in different sandbox and all of my sandbox connections are named "Salesforce". It doesn't even give me the option to see the username I'm connected with... I feel like this is a VERY easy thing to implement, so why has it not been done?!?!?!