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Full Control of HTML title element

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Problem: For organizations building multiple business solutions out in PowerApps it is necessary for users to quickly identify which they have running at a glance in a browser and be able to quickly navigate between them.  The default title right now of "PowerApps - [app name]" obfuscates the identity of the page once a certain number of tabs is reached in a browser rendering a title of "PowerApps..." which is essentially useless.


Solution: Remove the PowerApps prefix and have only the App name displayed in the HTML title element thus giving developers a way to customize how their apps appear in the browser to users and better functionality to users.

Status: New
Advocate I

This is also needed to help with accessibility:

  • Users of adaptive technology rely on the HTML <title> to convey information.
  • If the app is multilingual, the page title needs to switch to the user's currently selected language, otherwise screen readers do not pronounce it correctly.

@patheard  mentioned it is important for accessibility, see How to Meet WCAG (Quickref Reference) (

Any updates?