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Function to retrieve App ID

I'd really like a function within Canvas Apps to retrieve the App ID of the app I am currently in.


Currently there are a number of features which rely on the App ID to join the dots. We are able to retrieve this from outside of the app via its metadata. It would make for easier and simplier development if the app could be 'self aware' through calling a function such as AppID.()


This would allow me to write a formula such as Set(thisApp, AppID.())

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Only 28 votes? 
I would love to have this feature 

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@Lachlan_w  - I just watched your video and I have to say this is **brilliant**.  I am not a programmer, just the lone IT guy at a small nonprofit, building my first PowerApp.  Ran into this very issue this morning, so I did a Bing search "get the version number of a power apps app" and Bingo - your video was at the top of the list.  I especially appreciated you taking the time to explain things step by step.  Reminds me of the kind of community at one of my favourite places on the Internet.  If I could upvote this suggestion a thousand times, I'd do it.  Thanks for everything. 👍👍

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Thanks to Brian Dang: you can use the Param-function to get the AppID.

But because the Param-function only works when you use the Play-mode (not the edit player!), I would call it a work around.


I have testet it, and here are my results:

My URL when starting the app is:
But using the Param function works!
Using the Split-function in combination with Coalesce is also working:
Coalesce(Last(Split(Param("appId");"/")).Result;"your backup id")
BUT, it only works in web browser. In the mobile App (iOS), it doesn't work.
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When you say the "param function"  normally you have a parameter name in the  the param function eg param("<Parameter Name>").


I have tried Param("APP ID") but came back with nothing.





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@NigelP : you have to use it without space: Param("appId")

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Hi @max81


I now get /providers/MIcrosoft.PowerApps/apps/<GUID>


So it looks as if I am going to have to parse that string to get the AppID.





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Is there a list of these "system" params anywhere? What else is lurking in the Param collection that could be useful? tenant id?