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Gallery with both vertical and horizontal scroll bars

I want to display some data in Grid view with 15 columns and around 500 rows. I am currently using Gallery Layout with vertical scrolling. But i need both the scrolls (Horizontal and vertical scrolling)

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Hi @Nanjundan,


Cam across this while looking to do the same thing and found that you need to set the ShowScrollbar property of the horizontal gallery control to true. This will allow you to scroll horizontally however you can't then scroll vertically. You would need to expand the gallery vertically to contain your items and if needed use the default scrolling property of the screen.


Looks like you can't have both scroll bars as far as I can see on a gallery. Hope the above helps.


Best of luck


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I have started using galleries for all my text input fields and it makes everything easier and more performant. However if I have enough text inputs I would need to make multiple galleries and containing lists like such "colTextInputs1", 2 . etc.  Making a gallery that can BOTH contain a list item vertically and horizontally would eliminate the need to make a second gallery to fill out the screen. ( I am not displaying the scrollbar of gallery since with input fields its not so user friendly design wise. ) 


Thank you for your feedback on this 🙂


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